Career Placement Department (Cpd)


Career Placement Department (CPD) is an initiative from Kolej Yayasan Pahang (KYP) Managing Director, Norhishamuddin Bin Yaacob and was established on May 2015. As a new department at Kolej Yayasan Pahang, the management has appointed Dr Kamaazura Abu Bakar as the first manager in order to put up, develop and plan for its direction and function as a students career development department. With aims to help students to get more job opportunities after graduation, CPD is expected to start its full operations in June 2015. As a centre in shaping the students career, CPD has developed close relationship with the industry from various sectors, starting from the East Coast Peninsular and will expand throughout Malaysia in the near future. 


To establish and produce students who meet the requirements and needs of the industries locally and internationally. 


To assure that at least 85% of Kolej Yayasan Pahang graduates will be employed in less than one year from graduation period. 


1.     To develop and assist students and former students of KYP to polish their English skills, knowledge and abilities as a preparation to be employed.

2.     To develop the students and former students self-confidence in the pre-work stages.

3.     To develop and assist students and former students in improving their abilities and channeling the opportunities for them to compete as a high demanded labor in manpower market.

4.     To assist and channel students and former students to a high prestige potential employers.

5.     To ensure that students and former students able to get a job after graduating.

6.     To assist students and former students to gain work experiences through collaborating companies.

7.     To provide exposure to students and former students on developing a good resume, display attractive appearance during interview sessions, develop self-confidence, and also able to speak well in English. 



As a new department, CPD needs a strong base to keep moving alongside the college as a whole. Hopefully, through strong leadership skills and the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of college’s product (students), this department will find the best approach to overcome the weaknesses among KYP students and former students as well as preparing them for the real working life. Besides, the assistance from all faculties and departments at KYP will help CPD to strengthen its ground and grow stronger in the near future.



Look out for the incoming programs!

1.     Stylish Look! Grooming and Social Etiquette 

Stylish Look! Grooming and Social Etiquette is a workshop designed to assist the employees and potential employees to develop their image and personality, not only at workplace, but also in their daily routines. Professional look of employees is crucial as it reflects the company’s image.  Thus, Stylish Look! Grooming and Social Etiquette will fulfils the demands of the corporate world - to enhance company’s image via employees professional look. This one day workshop provides the participants with tips and ways to establish their professional image, communication skills and also developing convincing appearance. 


Workshop Aims

The aim of this workshop is to develop participants self-confidence as well as utilizing the right manners and protocol when dealing with people. Successful interactions and professional image can lead to a greater self-confidence and it is highly demanded in the working world. 


2.     Etiquette and Proper Dining Table Manners Training

This training is designed to facilitate graduates in experiencing professional dining manners that can guide them to embark a successful career. This dining etiquette is important during business meals as it can create a comfortable and condusive environment.   


Training Aims

This aim of this training is to provide the graduates with proper etiquettes and dining experiences. This optimum exposure can equip the students with the real business dining and social situations. Understanding the do and don’ts during the dining will enhance the students credibility and image in working environment. 


3.     How to Bold Yourself During an Interview


The program is designed and intended to expose and prepare students for job interview after graduation. The students skills and abilities during the first meeting (as a prospective employees) with the industry (as a potential employers) should be a pleasant meeting point and reflects a positive environment as to encourage continuous cooperation.  

Therefore, CPD is intending to enhance the competency of KYP graduates in communication and also the ability to provide great impression towards potential employers during the interviews.

Program Aims:

The aims of this program are :

1.       To expose students to an interview process

2.       To provide students with the real situations conversing in English during an interview

3.       To identify students strengths and weaknesses   

4.       To provide suggestions to students to improve their skills.


4.      Career Fair 



Career Fair provides platform for graduates to meet potential employers and other higher learning institutions. Apart from career opportunities, graduates are given the options to enhance their educational level. CPD is responsible to offer the students a career fair that creates equal chances and optimum exposures to industry and other higher learning institutions. 


Program Aims:

The aims of this program are :

1.       To expose the students to the industries and higher learning institutions

2.       To provide the opportunities for students to meet future employers 

3.       To offer authentic situations in interacting with employers from various industries



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